Wednesday, December 16, 2009

YPRL week # 2

I started my Google browse by hunting for a little program my friend told me about, which he used to make a 3D scale drwing of the stage set for a play we did at the local theatre group. Its called Google Sketchup. I didn't wait for it to download - took too long.
I've added a couple of planning sheets to GoogleDocs for fun. I couldn't find out how to edit them, but I'll share them with another CL when I do.
I searched Ivanhoe Library on Google Maps. After adding 'Victoria' ( I didn't know there was an Ivanhoe in NSW - have twin libraries) I found that Google Maps thinks we are in Ivanhoe East on Lower Heidelberg Road. So I reported a problem to them. Oops, that's Media. Ishould have told Suzanne.
I check Google Books for a relatively unknown, but documented, figure in history called Wiiliam of Rubroeck. He's there - in some cases you can read the entire text. (Ispent a bit too long browsing, It's a trap)The last time I was looking for him I found a translation of the book he wrote for King Louis of France. I forget which Louis. I think it was the saint because he led a crusade. It just goes to show that I should have written down my sources, same as for book research. I can't find William's book now. I'll have to start again.
I tried out the Translate function on Google with the text of a notice that I have had translated by a native speaker already. The first attempt interpreted the English too literally to make sense. Adjusting the English a bit brought the French to clumsy but understandable version of what I meant. I put in a simpler text and asked for a French, then a Chinese translation. The French didn't seem to deal with basic differences in word order in he languages. The Chinese showed me that the system has Chinese characters available, but Lu wasn't heare to check if it was any good. I maust ask her tomorrow.

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