Thursday, February 25, 2010

8.05 a.m

8.05 a.m
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This one I found when i searched 'Ivanhoe' in Flickr. Haven't foun where the clock is, yet. Those guys had short skirts!

Still Week 5

Hm. I tried to subscribe to imageshack with my gmail account. But o message came back in gmail from them.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Week # 5

Library Thing is great. I should have been using it ages ago. For someone like me who borrows more books that I buy, I can never remeber enough about a book to go back to it whne I want to know the good ones I've read. There's a ripper for librarians I will blog about next time - remember the story but not the name. I'd love to read it again - the old story. Anyway, I'll be using Library Thing some more.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Week # 4 Second lIfe

Second Life took a while to load so not much time to blog. I wondered, if I created an event on SL, I could count all the visitors on stats for my branch. I also realised I could create in SL tthe game I have buzzing around in my head if I spent the time learnnig the skills to 'build', like 'The companion' that Frigg Ragu created.
It's a bit like the battle between VHS and Beta though - how many virtula worls do we need to create a library in B4 we get into the right one?
There's a novel - probably many - but one I've read, about an an avatar that can change events in the 'real' world. I'll try and get its name for the next post. Library's closing 0 GTG.