Monday, December 3, 2007

#5 Flickr

This was an exercise in learning from my son (16 1/2). I got confused with the steps to enable this blog on Flickr until he showed me how to create tabs in Explorer - so simple but I didn't know. So I could keep the instructions on one screen while I followed the steps on another. He was very patient. So far it's all steps and little fun. I'll have to find time to go back and make more posts to enjoy it.


State Library of Victoria : North-Westerly View IX

North-Westerly View IX
Originally uploaded by サンドラ

I like this photo because it gives an opposing vision to the corner of a library sticking out of the footpath opposite Melbourne Central station. Don't get me wrong - I love that sculpture because it sends a powerful message we should never forget. The Pompeii exhibition next year wil reinforce that.
But this one shows the State Library's new dome standing proudly in its place among the commercial hub of thge city. The view of the suburbs reminds us of the number of people potentially touched y the library. And the sunset and open sky makes me think of endless possibilities.
Big Al


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